Dental Implants

We have many years of experience in placing single, multiple and denture retained implants and we offer a consultation for our patients, so they can find more about the treatment and meet with our team.

At Dental Studio Bath we have placed dental implants for many of our patients giving numerous smiles. We at Dental Studio Bath, believe that dental implants provide more realistic solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implant process involves surgically placing a small titanium screw in the jawbone, which acts in the same way as a natural tooth root. In a process called osseo-integration, the jaw is able to bond with the titanium to provide a robust, solid artificial tooth root.

A dental crown, a bridge or dentures are then attached to the titanium implant to provide a natural looking, fully functional replacement for your lost tooth.

Once the process has been completed you can expect your implant to function as a natural tooth for a number of years. They can also help to preserve the jaw bone around the area of the implant, something which can prevent the loss of support for the lips and cheeks which can follow tooth loss.

The procedure takes place under a general anaesthetic, and a little swelling and discomfort is normal for a few days after the procedure. You should be able to eat and drink as normal though, and there should be no pain involved.

Once the implant has been successfully placed and has been shown to be functioning properly we see around 90% of implants lasting for 25 years, making them an effective long-term treatment option. For the dental crowns attached to the implant, studies have shown a 97% survival rate over 5 years and 80% over 10 years.

At Dental Studio Bath, cosmetic and implant dentistry is our passion. We are also one of the experienced practices in another common cosmetic dental procedure – Veneers

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