Implants Fee Guide
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Consultation  £200*
CT Scan (if required)  £200* per jaw
Dental Implant with crown £2250
1 Implant replacing  2 teeth £3050
2 Implants replacing 3 teeth £5300
2 Implants replacing 4 teeth £6100
3 Implants replacing 4 teeth £7750
3 Implants replacing 5 teeth £8350
Bone Augmentation from £385
Sinus Lift from £600
Overdenture with 2 Implants £4750
Overdenture with 4 Implants £6750
Full Arch Bridge
Up to 10 teeth on 4 implants £12000
Up to 12 teeth on 6 implants £14000
* Refundable if you proceed with the treatment All prices are an estimate guide. Certain treatment depends on the tooth being treated and the further work required. Speak to us for more details.

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